Our Team

Innovative minds of Intudio performing versatile roles to help companies access targeted results.

Sohaib Ashraf (Sam)
Founder, CEO & visionary leader of Intudio
Founder, CEO and visionary leader of Intudio. Continually striving to achieve objectives through best industry practices by building a result-oriented teams as well as putting quality and diversity at the forefront.
Malek Tabbara
Infrastructure quality assurance expert
Infrastructure Quality Expert in several industries. Specializing in migrations, transformation & green fielding in alignment with IT Strategy, Security, Operations, Compliance & Architecture.
Evangelia Gialamboukis
CISA certified IT security specialist
CISA certified & GRC specialist with over two decades of expertise in IT industry. Highly experienced with governance, risk management, compliance, IT quality management and information security projects.
Our Consultants Are Expert In Handling Complex Applications & Software Either Built For Small Or Large Audience.
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