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With capabilities of providing full-cycle quality assurance and application testing services, we at Intudio know that quality is achieved through extensive knowledge, optimized workflows, and collaborative efforts.

“We needed help with training our IT staff members. We wanted to ensure that they had the proper skills so that they would be ready to pass vital certification examinations. Our IT firm chose Intudio’s Training Services and this was definitely a cost-effective decision! Since Intudio offered a high caliber of instruction for great prices, we were able to get the in-house training that we wanted without spending too much money. We’re very happy with the level of service that we received!”
K. Stein, Toronto, Canada
“We created a new mobile app a few months ago, but didn’t really have the manpower to test this software application out in an intensive way. So, we decided to outsource the task to Intudio. Intudio’s experts came to us & then performed rigorous testing of our mobile app. They found bugs & glitches & then gave us the advice that we needed to make our app work perfectly. We launched the app recently & we plan to create more apps in the future. We’ll use this company’s consultants in order to ensure that our next apps are big successes, too!”
B. Smith, Ottawa, Canada
“Functional testing of apps and systems isn’t something that we really had a handle on! Since this was a weak spot for us, we knew that we needed help in order to ensure that our systems and apps fulfilled our business requirements! After shopping around for consultants in Canada, we were lucky enough to find Intudio’s Consulting Services. We’d heard that this firm offered the most professional services for prices that would fit our budget, and, once we checked out their website, we were ready to hire the company. I’m so glad that we did, as an expert visited our offices and tested our systems and apps in a prompt manner. No time was wasted and Intudio’s consultant took care of everything for us!”
D. Singh, Barrie, Ontario
Our consultants are expert in handling complex applications & software either built for small or large audience.
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